From the Richmond Enquirer, 8/12/1862

ARRIVAL OF PRISONERS FROM GORDONSVILLE. - The prisoners taken at the battle of Southwestern Mountain twenty miles North-east of Gordonsville, by General Jackson, on Saturday last, three hundred and three in number, reached the city at 4 o'clock yesterday morning. They were simply under guard of a competent force, no unusual means having been resorted to for the purpose of keeping them secure. They were perfectly docile. General H. Prince was permitted to take up his lodgings in the Exchange Hotel, and the remaining officers were locked up with the men in the Libby prison. The following is a list of the officers who arrived:
Brigadier General H Prince, USA.
Col Geo. D Chapman, 5th Conn.
Maj E W Cooke, 28th N Y.
[the remaining list of officer-prisoners, totaling 28, was not transcribed]

NOT PRISONERS OF WAR. - The officers who arrived on yesterday, from Gordonsville, twenty-eight in number, and who were captured by Gen. Jackson on Saturday, will not be considered prisoners of war, so long as the recent and uncivilized orders of Gen. Pope remain unrepealed. They have all, Gen. Prince included, been placed in the Libby prison, and will in a few days be separately confined, to be treated, and finally punished as felons, should the brute Government of the North persist in claiming the right to murder and pillage.

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