From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/24/1861 , p. 2

The Distinguished Dead. - The Central train, which arrived in this city at eight o'clock last night, brought down the bodies of Col. (acting Brig. Gen.) Francis S. Bartow, of Georgia, Gen. Bernard Bee, of South Carolina, and Lieut. Col. Johnson, of Hampton Legion, who fell in the battle at Manassas on Sunday last. Three hearses were in readiness, and the remains of the brave dead were conveyed, (escorted by the Armory Guard, Lieut. Kerr, preceded by their band playing a funeral dirge,) to the Capitol, where the bodies were attended during the during the night by a guard of honor specially detailed for that purpose. They will be carried South this morning.

Colonel Bartow died a noble and brave death. He first received a shot which shattered one of his feet; but even in this disabled condition he maintained his place at the head of his men. He had reached a fence which crossed the direction of his charge, and was supporting himself, waving his sword and cheering the gallant band on to the fight, when some miscreant's ball pierced his brave heart.

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