From the Richmond Enquirer, Saturday, 10/5/1861, p. 3

LADIES' HOSPITALS IN RICHMOND - ERRATUM. - In summing up the results of treatment our line of totals, in the issue of Wednesday last, should have read thus: Whole number of soldiers treated 2,100 to 2,500, (the uncertainty arising from the fact that no books were kept during the first month at Warwick House and Company G Hospital). The whole number of deaths was eighty, instead of forty-six, as printed, of which 32 cases were regarded as dying or despaired of when brought in. The proportion of deaths to entries was 3.2 to 3.7 per cent., or deducting the desperate cases 1.92 to 2.28 percent. In the article on military hospitals, in Thursday's issue, the per centages were stated in a method, which we are told, is unusual in this country; for instance, a per cent is [remainder of line is illegible] on a given number of entries.

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