From the National Archives, RG 109 (Administrative Files – Subject Index: Ships – Zouaves, Box # 5 , "Slaves" Folder)

Hd Qrs Jackson Battalion
March 16th 1865

                I have the honor to report that in obedience to your orders received through Surg Hancock I ordered my Battalion from the 1st 2d 3 & 4 Div of Jackson Hospital to the front on Saturday night at 12 o'clk and reported by order of Maj. Pegram to Col. Ship P.A.C.S. Comdg Cadet Corps.

    I have great pleasure in stating that my men acted with the utmost promptness and good will.

    I had the pleasure of turning over to Major Chambliss a portion of my negro command to be attached to his negro command. Allow me to state that they behaved in extraordinary commendable(?) manner. I would respectfully ask that Major Chambliss be particularly noticed for the manner which he handled that very important element to be inaugurated in our service.

Respy your Obdt Servt

H. C. Scott
Surg & Major Comdg
Jackson Battln

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