From the Richmond Dispatch, 3/10/1863, p. 1, c. 5

City Council. – This body held its regular monthly meeting at the City Hall, a 4 o’clock yesterday evening. Present: Messrs. Saunders, Wynne, Scott, Denoon, Crutchfield, Hill, Burr, Glazebrook, Griffin, Grattan, Baskine, and Epps.

…Mr. Wynne, from the Committee on the City Hospitals, reported that since the opening of the City Hospital in August last there have been received 365 patients; and at the Howard’s Grove Hospital, since its opening on the 12th of January, 135 – making a total of 503 patients. There are now in the City Hospital 31 patients, and at Howard’s Grove 42 – total 73. The 500 are classified as follows: 115 C. S. soldiers; 1 Virginia State Guard; 30 male citizens; 3 female do; 13 male paupers; 3 from the city jail; 7 female paupers; 18 free negroes, and 300 slaves. The report says that “to Mr Henry Myers, also, who, though nominally only attached to the City Hospital, has attended to much that belonged to both, the thanks of the community are due for the untiring and highly satisfactory manner in which he has performed the unpleasant duties assigned him; and we think it no little evidence of the justice of our commendation when we say, that during the whole time which he has been connected with the hospitals no fault has been found with his conduct by either the patients of their friends, or the physicians.”

[remainder of article, on unrelated matters, was not transcribed – MDG]

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