From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 11/24/1862, of meat distribution center for Richmond area hospitals.

Richmond, Nov 24th, 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medical Director,
                                   I have the honor to report that by your order I have visited the Depot for receiving & distributing meat to the Hospitals &c in & around Richmond. – Situated on Broad above Adams St – To the Hosls alone Rations of fresh beef and daily issued for from 11 to 14500, the number of patients & attendants – From a careful inspection of the details I am of [the] opinion that the administration of the establishment is vary good. 5 wagons receive the daily quota & distribute it to each Hosl.

Winder & Chimborazo each send for their own – These five wagons also supply all the troops in & about the city on Provost guard or other duty. - They are the larger 4 & 6 horse wagons used in transportation – Complaints have been made of the meat not being delivered at proper times & of its falling short of the proper quantity – as to this I am positive that the meat is properly delivered to the Q.M. agents & at early hours in the morning if they are on hand – notwithstanding the endorsement of Capt. Warren & Gardin Smith A.Q.M. Genl. – the Q.M. is responsible for all sustenance given him to transport & the fault if any is him – He should see what he receives & be responsible for it until he delivers it & receives a receipt.

As to the great expense, Capt. Warren alledges will be necessary it is only necessary for him to get reliable men to accompany each wagon. The Hosl agents should not detain the wagons but receive it at once after leaving it weighed by the QMs agent & who should carry stillsands(?) for the purpose – It is not practicable for 42 Stewards to attend at the very inconvenient location now used by the commissary.

I would suggest to the commissary to select a depot in the vicinity of the market corner of Main & 17th St as most acceptable to the locations supplied & also that the skins now requested(?) & sold when they can find a purchaser, & occasionally thrown away be served out as the rest of the meat – one to each quarter – they are rich in Gelatin & as serviceable in making soup as any part of the beef –

The receipts as suggested & approved by Major Cone Q.M. will afford additional safeguard & addition I would recommend that if attainable 5 light 2 horse wagons be provided they would do the same duty with as great dispatch as the large, unwieldy 6 horse team now used - & at less expense – In addition, these large wagons may be taken at any time for the exigencies of the Service.

Very Respectfully,
     Your Obedient Servant,
         Wm. A. Carrington
             Surgeon & Inspector of Hospitals

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