From the Richmond Daily Whig, 9/14/1863.


Hereafter, the Sick and Wounded Soldiers in Richmond from Virginia Regiments will be found at this hospital.

I. A Depot for the Virginia troops having been established by the State, on Shockoe Slip, Richmond near Columbia Hotel, the people will have the opportunity of doing much for the comfort of the sick and wounded, and all contributions of Clothing, Books and Comforts of every description will be thankfully received and duly forwarded by Mr. A.S. BUFORD, State Agent. For the convenience of the public, a Directory of the Inmates of this Hospital, alphabetically arranged, will be found at the State Depot, and conveyances will leave the Depot twice daily for the Hospital, which will transport visitors at a moderate price. Letters addressed to Box 542 will be distributed daily from the Hospital P.O., and all persons seeking information on any subject appertaining to the institution, or with regard to any of its inmates, will receive a prompt response, by addressing

Sen'r Surgeon, Chimborazo Hospital

The following Regulations are published for the information of all concerned:

I. Furloughs, Discharges and Details are only allowed after the applicant has been before the Examining Board for this Hospital. Soldiers found unfit for any duty will be recommended for Discharge. If useful in other Departments, and unable to perform field service, a detail will be recommended. The Board will grant Furloughs when the patient will not be fit for duty in thirty days, and can bear transportation, provided his home is not within the enemy's lines.

II. Transfers to other Hospitals in the State may be obtained upon a certificate from the Surgeon in charge of the patient--that he will not be fit for duty in twenty days, and that his health would be benefitted by his removal. No subject for furlough will be transferred and no one who has been refused a furlough, unless the propriety of a transfer is suggested by the Board.

III. Permission to stay in private quarters will only be granted to those who will be with their families sufficiently near to report to the Hospital punctually every week; either in person or by the certificate of a respectable physician.

P.S. The sick and wounded soldiers from Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri Regiments, are also found in Chimborazo Hospital.

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