From the Richmond Sentinel, 6/25/1864

Mayor's Court. - .....Mary C. Jenkins, a well grown white girl of thirteen or fourteen, was brought into court on the charge of having "no where to stay." Watchman Webb said he had found her on 17th street, at a late hour on the previous night, when she told him she had been sent away from Howard's Grove Hospital, and had no house. The girl, who was not very intelligent, told the mayor that her father and mother had been dead a great while, she did not know how long; she had been staying at Howard's Grove Hospital, attending to the sick, she did know how long, and that she had been turned out.

The Mayor directed her to be carried to the overseers of the poor. We must say that an army hospital, with all its hangers-on, and rats, and medical students, and free negroes, was a sweet home for an unprotected of this age. The greatest act of kindness she received there was when they turned her out.

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