From the Richmond Enquirer, 7/11/1862

THE CONDITION OF HOSPITALS. - Some of the hospitals in the city are kept in a wretched condition, and consequently are nuisances to those confined in them and to the public outside. In one, the dead body of a soldier was suffered to remain in the cellar for four days, and was only removed then after the odor had become so offensive as to drive nearly all the nurses from the building. Amputated limbs have, in one or two instances, been found in the back yards, in a state of offensive decay, while scarcely any attention was paid to the sanitory condition of the premises. An effort is being made by some of the citizens to obtain the co-operation of the city authorities for the purpose of keeping the hospitals in good condition. This duty is really incumbent upon the military authorities, and should be made independent of the aid of the citizens, who have already done well, and from appearances, do not seem to mind, how much is thrown upon their shoulders. To some extent, the real working men under the orders of the military authorities, have exerted themselves successfully, but there has as yet been nothing like a general, continued, and systematic course pursued in relation to this important subject. There are drones in this military hive that need stirring up.

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