From the Richmond Commercial Bulletin, 11/2/1865, p. 3, c. 1

FREEDMEN’S COURT. – A mass of perspiring Ethiopianism, twelve front by ten deep, filled the outer compartment of this tribunal yesterday, the inner space being pretty well filled by judges, lawyers, spectators, witnesses and criminals. The following cases were adjudicated:

Provided with a Home. – Mary Edwards, a negro street-walker and vagrant, was convicted of the offence. Lieutenant Merrell stated that the prisoner had been several times brought before him on the same charge, and been sent to Chimborazo, where she could have a good home.

Mary – “I don’t like to stay dar.”

Lieutenant – “No, you prefer running about the streets; we’ll furnish you a home for awhile where you will be compelled to stay. I shall send you to the Castle for three months.”

[remainder of cases were not transcribed – MDG]


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