From the Richmond Whig, Monday, 4/17/1865, p. 2, c. 1

RICHMOND, VA., April 3, 1865.

I.   The armies of the rebellion having abandoned their effort to ENSLAVE the people of Virginia, have endeavored to destroy by fire the Capitol which they could not longer occupy by their arms. Lieut. Col. Manning, Provost Marshal General of the Army of the James and Provost Marshal of Richmond, will immediately send a sufficient detachment of the Provost Guard to arrest, if the possible, the progress of the flames. The Fire Department of the city of Richmond, and all the citizens interested in the preservation of the beautiful city, will immediately report to him for duty and render every possible assistance in staying the progress of the conflagration. The first duty of the Armies of the Union will be to save the city, doomed to destruction by the armies of the rebellion.

II.   No person will leave the city of Richmond without a pass from the office of the Provost Marshal.

III.   Any citizen, soldier, or any person whatever, who shall hereafter plunder, destroy or remove any public or private property, of any description whatever, will be arrested and summarily punished.

IV.   The soldiers of the command will abstain from any offensive or insulting words or gestures towards the citizens.

V.   No treasonable or offensive expressions insulting to the flag, the cause, or the armies of the Union, will hereafter be allowed.

VI.   For an exposition of their rights, duties and privileges, the citizens of Richmond are respectfully referred to the proclamations of the President of the United States in relation to the existing rebellion.

VII.   All persons having in their possession, or under their control, any property whatever, of the so-called Confederate States, or of any officer thereof, or the records or archives of any public officer whatever, will immediately report the same to Colonel Manning, Provost Marshal.

In conclusion, the citizens of Richmond are assured that, with the restoration of the Flag of the Union, they may expect the restoration of that peace, prosperity and happiness which they enjoyed under that Union, of which that flag is the glorious symbol.

Brigadier General U. S. Volunteers, and Military Governor of Richmond.

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