From the Richmond Enquirer, 9/23/1861, p. 3, c. 2

THE RELEASED YANKEE SURGEONS. - Our statement on Saturday that eleven Yankee Surgeons had been released on parole, though derived from official sources, proves to have been incorrect. But five left this city on Saturday morning for Norfolk, from whence they were conveyed to Fortress Monroe under a flag of truce, and there released. They were accompanied to Norfolk by W. Sidney Winder, Esq., the courteous and efficient aid to General Winder, who secured for them every attention and comfort proper under the circumstances. The following are the names of the released Yankees: Alfred Powell, W. H. Wilson, and Wash. A. Connothy, 2d New York State Militia; C. W. Le Bontillier, 1st Minnesota; James Harris, Rhode Island; Andrew McLetchie, New York 79th; and R. E. Goodenough, 14th New York State Militia. Surgeons being regarded in civilized warfare as non-combatants, the release of all such captured is in strict compliance with the rules of war.

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