From the Richmond Dispatch, 3/30/1863, p. 2, c. 4

Attempted Escape. – Capt. A. Webster, of Pierpoint’s army, who was condemned a short time since by court-martial to be hung on the 3d of April for violating his parole of honor, attempted to escape from Castle Thunder on Friday night, and was nearly successful in the endeavor. He had been put in the hospital on the ground of indisposition and while lying in bed, with a sentinel at the foot of it, and himself adorned with ankle and wrist iron, suddenly leaped out, clear of all encumbrances, and made for a window. The sentinel snapped his piece at the retreating fugitive, the cap only exploding. Webster gained the eastern window of the third story, leaped out, and was fired at by the outside sentinel as he descended to the ground. The shot did not take effect, and, on reaching the ground, Webster made off as fast as a badly sprained ankle would allow. An alarm being raised he was soon caught and conducted back to his old quarters, and a double guard placed over him. This man, Webster, possesses a peculiar faculty of clearing himself of irons. It is said he can undo any placed on him by the use of a small stick. Whether he can undo himself from the gallows next Friday remains to be seen.

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