From the Richmond Daily Whig, 7/7/1863

Retaliation. - It was announced some time ago that two Federal captains in the Libby prison were to be selected for execution in retaliation for the shooting of two Confederate officers in Kentucky by Burnside's order. The drawing took place yesterday, in pursuance of an order to that effect from General Winder. The seventy-five captains in the prison were arranged in a hollow square, in the center of which was placed a table, with a box containing the name of each. A Yankee chaplain was requested to draw, and he complied with some reluctance. The two first names were the ones selected. They were Capt. Henry W. Sawyer, of the 1st New Jersey cavalry, and Capt. John Flynn, of the 51st Indiana regiment. When the Captains were first ordered to proceed to a lower room, they were in high glee, thinking, doubtless, that they were to be sent off by the flag of truce which goes today; but their joy received an instantaneous check when they heard the order of General Winder read. The two doomed men will be placed in solitary confinement. The day of execution has not yet been fixed.

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