From the Richmond Commercial Bulletin, 7/1/1865, p. 3, c. 1

THE GROVE ROAD. – Oh, the weather! – the hot weather. It is almost impossible to keep cool – to feel pleasant in Richmond, in mind or body, this scorching weather. The only remedy is to get out, by hook or crook, and take a drive on the Grove Road – you stop first at Binford’s Grove cottage, a most pleasant spot, and cool, oh! How cool. This is near the battle ground of Glen Burnie, the scene of General Kilpatrick’s fight. Wander over the grounds the while, then for the road again. But the return must be by the Broad street road – coming round too by Buchanan spring. Here Euker keeps his fine drinking establishment, and here is a most excellent chance for refreshment. No better place can be selected by a party of gentlemen who wish to “tip the social glass,” than Euker’s, and one leaves it with regret.

The fortifications in this direction are becoming green with weeds and blackberry bushes, and the cattle browse on its green herbage, where once bristle the cannon, and where the sentinel trod his continuous beat.

The crops are luxuriant, wheat, oats, corn and fruits. The troops never camped in large numbers in this vicinity, hence the favorable state of the crops.

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