From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/25/1906

Dahlgren’s Body.

FT. SMITH, ARK., Feb 15, 1906 .

Editor Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Sir, - Having read with much interest the account given by Rev. John Pollard, of the Kilpatick raid around Richmond and Col. Dahlgren’s detached force circling the outskirts of the city and making for the York river which he failed to reach. I feel inclined to give some of my recollections. I saw Dahlgren’s remains early one morning lying on a blanket in a York river railroad box car in the lower part of the city “ware-house slip.” Col. Dahlgren was apparently a fine looking man with a huge fore-head and nearly an aquiline but slightly Roman nose. He was comparatively young, above the average height. His body having been brought up the night previous when I saw it, I was impressed with the handsome features, not the least marred. I stood for sometime viewing them, for as yet, but few were informed of the arrival of the body. I regretted however to see that the little finger, (I think), of the left hand was gone, otherwise the body as it lay on the grey blanket, looked natural.

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