From the Charleston Mercury, 9/12/1861

BIG GUNS. - Some 9 and 11 inch Dahlgren guns have reached this city lately, and part of them may now be seen at the Northeastern Railroad Depot. They are powerful looking weapons, and when placed in battery will, no doubt, be equal to anything that the LINCOLN fleet can bring forth. We noticed by a mark on the guns, that they were manufactured, in 1861, by J. R. ANDERSON, Tredegar Works, Richmond, Virginia, for the Confederate States. One of the guns, about the size of the 9 inch, but much heavier at the muzzle, was rifled and is the very thing to be placed on a steamer, to be used against the blockaders; as we think it quite likely that, with a good projectile, this gun will shoot nearly out of sight. It should be tried with a kind of shot which has been got up by Mr. R. C. SMITH, of our city, and which, we learn, promises to be a complete success. It affords us pleasure to notice that our batteries are to be armed with the heaviest artillery, as any thing less than a 8 inch is getting behind the age for seacoast defence.

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