From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/13/1862

An Example Made. - It has been well known for some time past that cyprians, resident and accumulated since the removal of the seat of Government to this place, as well as loose males of the most abandoned character from other parts of the Confederacy, have been disporting themselves extensively on the sidewalks and in hacks, open carriages, &c, in the streets of Richmond, to the amazement of sober-sided citizens compelled to smell the odors which they exude, and witness the imprudence and familiar vulgarity of many of the shame faced of the prostitutes of both sexes. Smirks and smiles, winks, and, when occasion served, remarks not of a choice kind, in a loud voice, denoted the character of the female occupants of open carriages, gotten up in humble imitation of the powers that be. The mayor, in answer to many complaints, having determined to enforce the vagrant law, has caused one lewd character - a female - to be taken up for obtruding herself in an obnoxious attitude before decent people. It is to be hoped that she will not be the only example.

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