From the Richmond Examiner, 2/27/1866, p. 3, c. 3

THE EXTENSION OF THE CITY LIMITS. – A bill to extend the corporate limits of the city of Richmond is now pending before the Legislature. The subject is one of interest to every citizen, and as it is not to become a law until it has been submitted to the people and ratified by a majority of the voters, we append some of the features of the bill. It provides that the corporate limits of the city shall be extended to the breastworks or line of entrenchments, commonly called the middle line, commencing on the south of the James river, and extending with the said line to the west on the river, and thence along the James at its low water mark, all the protections and guarantees of the charter of the city and its courts to extend over the same persons and property, as fully and effectually as they do over the present city limits. Citizens of the new limits shall not be liable to taxation on their persons nor property for debts due the present city before January, 1871. The enlarged city is to be divided into ten wards, each of which shall elect two members to the City Council, as now provided by charter. If the bill pass, the citizens will vote upon the question of its ratification on May 1st and if ratified, it will become the law.

The proposition to enlarge the boundaries of the city meets the general approval of the masses of our citizens. Richmond has long since outgrown its breeches, and needs a more capacious pair. It is in “tights,” and deserves a suit of fashionable, loose-fitting clothes, of more length, width and circumference.

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