From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/10/1869, p. 1, c. 4

THE HUMAN JACKALS OF FORT HARRISON. – The party of young men who, induced by the letter of Mr. Allen, went down to Fort Harrison yesterday to see about the reported ill-treatment of the bones of the Confederate dead found that the statements made by our correspondent were strictly true – the remnants in many cases uncovered by rain-storms, in others dug up by dogs, and in others bearing the evidence of being thrown up by the plowshare.

It was a harrowing sight to those who revere the memory of our dead soldiers, and the young men who had undertaken this errand of love were not unaffected by the spectacle. Yesterday afternoon they returned to the city, bringing with them two carts well laden with the remains of the dead, which, as we were informed, were carried to Hollywood to be interred in the section set apart for the unknown soldiers. It is stated that many of the skulls had been dug up by negroes, and the teeth knocked out to procure the gold plugs with which they were filled. These details are too horrible to write or think about. There is still much work for our memorial associations.


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