From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/28/1862, p. 2, c. 4

RICHMOND, NOV. 28, 1862.

WANTED – FIVE HUNDRED HANDS. – We wish to hire for the ensuing year five hundred able bodied NEGRO MEN, to be employed by us at our Blast Furnaces, in Botetourt county, and at our Coal Mines, on James river, seventeen miles above this city.

As our works generally are remote from the enemy's lines, and the negroes are well guarded, we think it greatly for the interest of those having hands to dispose of to hire them to us.

The negroes will be supplied with the very best provisions, which have already been secured, and good clothing provided for them at all seasons of the year.

Those of whom we have hands hired for the present year will please inform us whether we shall retain these hands at the furnaces until they are re-hired; and if not, to what point they shall be returned, as some of the owners may have changed their places of residence.

Payments for the hire of those hands will be made either at Farmville, Lynchburg, Fincastle, or this city, annually or quarterly, at the option of the owner.

Applications can be made to F. T. Glasgow, Fincastle; Wm. T. Patton, at Clover Dale Furnace; James L. Patton, at Grace Furnace; Wm. Jordan, Alum Springs; John H. Jamieson, Lynchburg; Benjamin Holladay, Frederick's Hall, Louisa co; James M. Poindexter, Farmville, or the undersigned, at these works.


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