From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/20/1861

Incendiarism. - We understand that two attempts were made to set fire to the Tredegar Foundry on Saturday night. The first time, the flames were seen issuing from the pattern shop by the members of a volunteer company, who happened to be drilling on Gamble's Hill, which overlooks the works. With their aid the watchmen soon suppressed the fiendish attempt, with little or no loss. Later in the night, on going his rounds, one of the watchmen found the establishment had been fired in two places. An early discovery prevented any damage. The people of the State being interested in the perpetuity of the Foundry, our citizens will be held justifiable in any measures they may put in force against scoundrels detected in the ac of effecting its destruction. One of the "measures" alluded to consists in suspending the offender by a rope, with his feet at an inconvenient distance from the ground. It will be carried out.

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