From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/7/1862, p. 2, c. 2

Fire. – The alarm of fire at 11 o'clock on Saturday night was caused by the ignition, by means of a defective flue, of a portion of the floor and wood work of the cellar of Bacon & Baskervill's large warehouse, south side of Cary, between 12th and 13th streets. The prompt alarm given on the appearance of the smoke in the rooms above, caused the speedy appearance of numerous citizens and the Fire Department, by whose intrepid exertions all danger of an extensive conflagration was arrested. This warehouse was in use as a hospital, and contained a number of badly wounded soldiers. Had the flames been left undisturbed, and gotten well under way, nothing earthly could have prevented the sacrifice of the lives of at least one hundred and fifty brave men, whose removal under such circumstances would almost have been a matter of impossibility. The parties who were attracted to the spot by the alarm worked manfully to put out the fire.

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