From the Richmond Whig, 1/24/1862, p. 3, c. 3

HOLLYWOOD CEMETERY - REMAINS OF HON. JOHN TYLER. - A communication from the Governor was read in the Senate, yesterday, stating that, in obedience to a resolution adopted on Saturday last by the General Assembly to the effect that with the consent of the family of Hon. John Tyler his remains might be deposited in Hollywood Cemetery, in the city of Richmond, near the remains of James Monroe, and that the Governor of the State be authorized to cause a suitable monument to be erected to his memory.

The Governor states that on examination of the grounds it was ascertained that the circle purchased by the State heretofore, was too limited to furnish the requisite space for the interment of Mr. Tyler's remains, and his grave was located, by the selection of the Committee of Congress, in the "outer circle" which embraces twenty-four lots and furnishes ample space for all the purposes contemplated by the State, in the original space. This "circle" he recommends the State to purchase at its assessed value, $2,000. The Governor says:

"The purpose which Virginia desired to carry out require that the purchase of these additional grounds shall be made. The resolution of April 6, 1858, in regard to the remains of Ex-President Monroe, inaugurated a noble and patriotic movement, worthy of the fame and reputation of this ancient Commonwealth. She has determined to gather together the remains of her distinguished sons beneath a grand mausoleum, near the capitol of the State, to which coming generations may point with patriotic recollections of the virtues and services of those who sleep on the consecrated soil beneath."

The Governor also recommends that the General Assembly appropriate such sum as it may deem necessary to erect a suitable monument to the memory of Ex-President Tyler.

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