From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/31/1864, p.1, c. 6

City Council. – The following is a summary of the proceedings of a called meeting of the City Council, held yesterday afternoon: A petition from Thomas Bradford, asking the remission of two fines amounting to $70, and confiscation of about $360 worth of melons, imposed upon him by the Mayor and Recorder Caskie, was referred to the Committee on Claims; a petition from C. W. Obitts, asking the remission of a fine of $50 and the money obtained for seventeen dozen eggs, which were imposed upon him by the Mayor, was also given the same direction; the Committee on the Stuart Monument were authorized to erect a flag-stall or some other mark over the grave of General J. E. B. Stuart, at Hollywood Cemetery, by which his resting place can be designated; the Chamberlain was authorized to negotiate with any individual or the banks for a loan to the city of $50,000 for the term of ninety days; William A. Carrington, Medical Director, was granted the continued use of the new city almshouse as a hospital for wounded Confederate officers, at such rent as the Committee on the Almshouse may think proper to ask; an amended ordinance was referred to the Committee on Burying Grounds, allowing to the superintendent of Oakwood Cemetery the same pay for digging graves there as paid the superintendent of Shockoe Hill burying ground; the special committee appointed to inquire into the expediency of raising the pay of the officers and employees of the city, presented a report, which was laid upon the table till the next regular meeting of the Council. (The report stipulates the following salaries: Mayor, $6,000, auditor, $5,000, auditor’s clerk, $4,000; chamberlain, $4,000; clerk of the city council, $2,000; city assessor, $5,500; overseer of the city hands, $2,500; city engineer, $4,700; clerk of the first market, $4,400; clerk of the second market, $4,000; day police, $3,600 each; nightwatch, $9 per night each; superintendent of the water works, $4,800; assistant superintendent of the water works, $3,900; superintendent of the pump-house, $3,500; engineer of the steam fire engine, $3,500, superintendent gas works, $4,800; inspector of gas $4,000; assistant inspector of gas $3,500, The Council then adjourned.

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