From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/16/1866, p. 1, c. 4

THE REPORTED DESECRATION OF THE GRAVE OF THE SON OF PRESIDENT DAVIS. – Our city contemporaries were woefully indignant on Saturday morning, and called down troubles without number upon the head of some miserable man, woman, or child who was stated to have stolen the memorial stone from the grave of little Joseph Davis at Hollywood Cemetery. Their anger was natural enough. The memory of Joseph Davis is, by his name, his lineage, and the melancholy circumstances of his death, peculiarly dear to every Southern heart, and no word of censure or reproach could be too severe is any one had dared to outrage our tendered feelings by desecrating his modest grave. Our contemporaries of the Richmond press were, however, for one caught napping. The stone has not been stolen, but has been removed to the stone-yard of Messrs. Rogers & Miller, in order that an error in the inscription may be corrected; so that in a few days it may be expected to be again found in its old position.

We have no monopoly of information, but if any of our contemporaries are in doubt as to the authenticity of any “local items” which they may collect, they had better call at our office, where we will take pleasure in setting them right without fee, charge of other compensation than the satisfaction of having done a good and charitable deed.

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