From the Richmond Daily Whig, 22 June 1864

STEALING PHYSIC – Robert Hitchcock, a soldier holding the position of messenger at Chimborazo Hospital, was arrested some days ago by detectives Charles & Williams, on the charge of stealing opium and quinine from the drug store of the hospital. It seems that he offered a bottle of quinine and a quantity of opium to Mr. James M. Duval, druggist, upon terms so much below the market value that that gentleman's suspicions were excited, and he had Hitchcock arrested. – Hitchcock persists in saying that he bought the physic for thirty dollars from a man he did not know. It is believed the articles were stolen from Chimborazo by someone having access to the drug department, and given to Hitchcock to sell. Since his arrest he has been confined in Castle Thunder, and a free fight occurring among the prisoners there last Sunday evening, he got his face so beaten out of shape that his own mother would not know him. He will be brought before the Mayor this morning to be examined touching the stolen drugs.

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