From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, 6 January 1864

Entering a Storehouse – Joseph Johnson and John Shinn, charged with breaking and entering a C. S. storehouse, near Castle Thunder, with the intention of stealing Yankee clothing, were before the Mayor yesterday for examination. The sentinel on duty at the storehouse heard a noise inside between 4 and 5 o'clock in the morning, and, reporting the fact to the Sergeant of the post, the room was entered by the guard, who found the prisoners in the immediate vicinity of several boxes which had been broken open. They also discovered that a bar to one of the windows had been removed, making an entrance sufficiently large for the prisoners to pass through. The prisoners proved by one of the sentinels that they were both very drunk a few hours before their arrest, leaving it to be inferred that they entered the warehouse without knowing where they were. After hearing the witnesses and remarks of counsel, the prisoners were remanded for a further hearing before the Hustings Court.

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