From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/16/1864, p.1, c.6

Castle Thunder Items —The following parties were committed to Castle Thunder yesterday: Wm. H. Hammock, charged with being a deserter from Camp Lee and attempting to bribe an officer in order to get a passport; Geo. E Baker , citizen of Richmond; Henry Westfall, 10th Louisiana infantry; Joseph Childress, 10th Virginia cavalry, and John Head, charged with forgery, desertion, swindling, and attempting to go to the enemy; S. Rousseau, for stealing a watch from J. H. Darr. Head and Biker are well known to some of our citizens, the first of whom as a person in the habit of putting persons through the lines for consideration, blockade running, &c., and the latter as a telegraphic operator and important witness against certain parties charged with exhibiting the game of faro.

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