From the Richmond Times, 8/12/1900, p. 8, c. 3

Tour of Inspection Made by Council Committee Last Week.

That Shockoe Hill Cemetery will undergo many improvements within the next few months seems to be a matter of little doubt among the members of the City Council.

The Committee on Cemeteries will ask for a special appropriation to put the cemetery in good condition. Already $1,100 have been expended in building a new brick wall around a part of the cemetery.

Messrs. W. S. Blackburn and W. J. Smith have retired as keepers of the cemetery, and Messrs. Albert Keith and John R. Leaman have taken their places.

Those of the members of the Committee on Cemeteries who inspected the cemeteries throughout the city last week were: Messrs. Robert Whittet, Jr. (chairman), T. B. Williams (sub-chairman), John Mann, Jr., Henry P. Beck, D. F. McCarthy, J. M. Banks and A. B. Fergusson. Messrs. John Pettis, George C. Ruskell, Chris. Manning, Ben. T. August, F. C. Ebel and Justice John J. Crutchfield accompanied the committee on their tour of inspection.

When the committee and party arrived at Oakwood Cemetery the keeper, Mr. W. Allen Dickenson, had a lot of refreshments waiting for them, which they enjoyed very much. The committee found the cemetery to be in the best condition possible.

Mr. Charles E. Richardson, the keeper of River View Cemetery, also had the gentlemen served with refreshments late in the afternoon.

The keeper of Hollywood also tendered the gentlemen a warm reception upon their arrival there. Hollywood was found to be kept in a very good condition, though many of the plots need attention.

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