From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/16/1862, p. 1, c. 6

The Cemeteries. - At a recent meeting of the City Council the fact was brought to the attention of that body that a portion of "Clark's Spring," owned by the city, and adjoining the Hollywood Cemetery, had been used as a place of burial for deceased soldiers. After an extended discussion on the subject, and the hearing of the statement made by Mr. Talbott, one of the committee having in charge Oakwood Cemetery, a tract embracing sixty acres, owned by the city, that there was plenty of room there for the burial of all Confederate soldiers, on motion of Mr. Wynne, the following preamble and resolution was adopted.

"Whereas the appropriation of the piece of land belonging to the city, lying between the reservoir of the City Water Works and the Hollywood Cemetery Company, for the purpose of enlarging the cemetery, would deprive the city of the only eligible site which can be obtained for the erection of an additional reservoir; and whereas, there is a sufficient quantity of unoccupied land adjoining the cemetery and the property of the city asked for; Therefore, be it

"Resolved. That the Council reject the petition of the Cemetery Company [asked the privilege of burying soldiers there], and that the Committee on the Water Works and the City Engineer be instructed to wait upon the Secretary of War, taking with them the map of the property now before the Council, present the facts of the case, and request his co-operation with the Council in the matter."

Mr. Wynne offered the following which was also adopted:

"Resolved, That the Committee on Oakwood Cemetery be instructed to offer to the Secretary of War so much of the property under their charge as may be necessary for burying the soldiers dying in the service of the Confederate States."

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