From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/31/1860, p. 1, c. 6

Woolen Manufactures. – The report of the committee on Domestic Manufactures, at the late Fair, gave the woolen manufactures of the State a rather caustic dressing down, for failing to exhibit any of their fabrics for competition. This is replied to by a correspondent of the Enquirer, who says that for the last three or our preceding Fairs woolen fabrics of undoubted excellence have been exhibited by the various manufactures of the county of Fauquier, and no notice has been taken of them, except, on one occasion, a mere "honorary mention." These factories are now firmly established, and require no efforts to attract notoriety, because they can sell at the doors four times as many goods as they can manufacture. This statement is interesting, and if the report of the committee has no other effect, it has developed important information relative to the material interests of the State. In Col. Ellis' report to the stockholders of the James River & Kanawha Company, allusion is made to the new woolen factory of Crenshaw & Co., in this city, whose operations, while giving direct profitable employment to more than fifty hands, male and female, are doubtless but the beginning in one of the most interesting branches of industry, and will contribute to excite a spirit for the improvement of sheep and wool in every part of the State having convenient access to this market.

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