From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/1/1862, p. 1, c. 2


Information having been sent to this city that the Federal army, while operating on the Chickahominy, was piloted and sided by the Pamunkey Indians, detective officer George W. Thomas was dispatched last week to King William county, with a squad of men, for the purpose of arresting such of the mongrel tribe as were engaged in the business. The party entered the village on Friday night, and captured eleven, one of whom escaped on the way back, and three more were discharged after an examination at King William Court-House, while the remaining six were brought on to Richmond, where they are now held as prisoners. We understand that they acknowledge the charge alleged against them, but urge as an excuse that they were forced into the Federal service. Two citizens of King William, named Lipscomb, charged with holding intercourse with the enemy, were arrested and brought up at the same time. Some difficulties were experienced by the party on the route. On arriving near the White House they found Colonel Thornton's pickets driven in by the enemy, who came up the Pamunkey river in batteaux, but were turned back before they had an opportunity of committing any depredations. This rendered a change in the original plan necessary, and the squad was obliged to proceed with much caution, though the object was successfully accomplished, as we have stated. No Yankees have made their appearance at the White House since the day to which we have alluded.

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