From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/23/1864, p. 1, c. 5

In Want of a Jury. – The entire session of Judge Lyons’s court yesterday was taken up in a jury for the trial of Robert S. Forde, of Ky., charged with the murder in April last of Robert E Dixon, of Georgia. Out of the first panel of twenty four who were originally summoned, only five were considered eligible, after which the Judge ordered the sergeant of the city to summon one hundred more. Only sixty four of this number could be obtained, from which fourteen more were drawn as competent to sit in the case, making nineteen out of the eighty-four who had been summoned. The hour of adjournment having arrived, the Judge directed, that the Sergeant should have forty more jurymen summoned, from which to make a selection of five men this morning.

The Court meets exactly at ten o’clock, and as there is but little doubt that the jury will be made up as soon as the Court is opened, the trial of Forde will forthwith commence. Witnesses and jurors are requested to be punctual in then attendance.

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