From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/15/1863, p. 1, c. 6

Hustings Court, Thursday, May 14th. - Present, Recorder Caskie, Senior Alderman Sanxay, and Alderman Timberlake, Lipscombe, and Garey. 

...The case of Forde, for the homicide of Dixon, was called and continued until Friday. Rules were awarded against Jas. Beale, Benj. Housman, and A. W. Snead, Commonwealth's witnesses. 

...Frances Kelley was arraigned for having, on the 2d of April, in conjunction with a number of unknown persons, riotously assembled in one of the public streets of this city, to the great terror of the public, and entered Pollard & Walker's store and helped herself to a lot of bacon. The certificate of the Mayor sending on the case was quashed by the Court, and defendant remanded to him for further examination. 

[later, in the same column - MDG] 

Judge Meredith’s Court. – This Court was in session for a short time yesterday. The jury in the case of Elizabeth Ammons, for rioting, had not agreed on a verdict. A few decisions in chancery cases were rendered, and the Court adjourned for the day.

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