From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/8/1863, p. 1, c. 4

Mayor’s Court, Tuesday, April 7th, Recorder J. K Caskie presiding – Fanny Read, arrested for violently assaulting and beating Virginia Phillips, was examined and sent before the Hustings Court in two cases for misdemeanor, and also required to give security for her good behavior.

John Carter was examined for breaking a lock off the front door of M. F. Barbier, in the nighttime of the 4th of April. The examination did not disclose any felonious intent, and defendant was let off with a reprimand.

Thomas, a slave, employed by the Danville Railroad was ordered 39 lashes for stealing 25 bags from the depot, and converting the same to his own use.

Peter H Martin, charged with getting drunk and smoking a cigar in the Theatre, was examined and acquitted.

Ann Leary, charged with getting drunk and acting disorderly in the Theatre, failing to give so guilty was sent to jail.

Jenny Gilman, an abandoned female, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct in the street, was found guilty, and failing to give security for her good behavior was sent to jail.

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