From the Richmond Times, 4/27/1902, p. 6, c. 7

New England Friends Are Paying Them Off – Copy of Letter.

Mr. John P. Reynolds, Jr., No. 28 State Street, Boston, and others of New England, are paying off claims against the estate of Miss Lizzie Van Lew.

The following is a copy of the letter which creditors of Miss Van Lew are receiving:

“The Massachusetts friends of the late Miss Elizabeth L. Van Lew, of Richmond, Virginia, wish, out of respect to her memory, and in appreciation of what she did for our country, to send you the enclosed check in full settlement of your account against her estate, that it may be known that those to whom she was justly indebted, and who had the confidence to trust her, did not do so in vain.

No one knows better than the citizens of Richmond how she aided and helped all who were in distress, whether it was the prisoner, the negro, the civilian, the Northerner or Southerner. All Americans rejoice in their re-united country, and now realize that by her love for the Union, and the giving of her money and her strength that it might be preserved, she felt she was doing what would best show how great was her love for the South, and for Richmond, her home.”

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