From the Richmond Times, 3/20/1901, p. 6, c. 1

Veteran Physician Decides to Give up His Practice.

Dr. J. B. McCaw yesterday retired from the practice of medicine and surgery.

There is scarcely a person in Richmond who does not know and love Dr. McCaw, and he is especially beloved by the congregation of St. Paul’s Church, of which he is senior warden.

Dr. McCaw thus announces his retirement:

Dr. J. B McCaw having arrived at years of discretion and remembering that he has been a doctor of medicine for fifty-seven years, announces to the public that he goes on the retired list on and after this date. He would be ungrateful if he did not take this opportunity to return thanks to the good people of this community, who have shown their confidence in him and his forefathers, for four generations, from 1786 to 1901.

To his dear old friends and patients, who still live, he can only say that his good wishes, his best advice and his tenderest sympathy will be at their service as long as life lasts.

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