From the Richmond Times, 6/2/1900, p. 3, c. 5

…The Committee on Cemeteries also met and approved hills and payrolls.

A communication was received from Mrs. J. E. Laughton complaining of the neglected condition of Shockoe Hill Cemetery, which is badly disfigured by two “trash piles,” weeds and tall grass. The matter was referred to the keeper of Shockoe Hill Cemetery.

An ordinance was read and recommended to the Council authorizing the sale of lots Nos. 59 and 60 to Hoge Memorial Church for the sum of $75. Another ordinance was also recommended to the Council recommending and prescribing a new form of certificate of ownership for burial plots in cemeteries, and instructing the City Treasurer to make transfers on authority of written application by two witnesses.

[remainder of column, on unrelated matters, was not transcribed – MDG]

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