From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/6/1863, p. 1, c. 1


On Saturday afternoon the Central train brought to this city ninety-nine Yankees, belonging to the 1st regiment Vermont cavalry, who were captured by Capt. Mosby at Dranesville, on the Alexandria, Loudoun, and Hampshire railroad, on Wednesday last. Our accounts of the affair represent that this detachment of the enemy was composed of picked men of the regiment, who were selected for the express purpose of effecting the capture of Captain Mosby and his party, who were known to be in the neighborhood. They came up with our men at the point specified, when a sprightly engagement ensued, resulting in the rout and capture of the enemy though outnumbering Capt. M’s force nearly two to one. The prisoners state that all the officers commanding the detachment were killed.

Capt. Mosby’s force engaged consisted of fifty men.

A large number of this same regiment of Yankees has heretofore been captured and brought to this city, including the Major and one or two other officers.

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