From the Richmond Dispatch, 3/30/1863, p. 2, c. 4

Abolition Prisoners. – Sixteen Abolitionists were brought from the West to the Libby prison on thanksgiving day. On Saturday thirty-two were brought from Staunton. Included in the lot was a deserter from an Ohio regiment, and one from the 1st Massachusetts cavalry, who left his comrades in Moorfield, Hardy county; also the following citizens, charged with disloyalty, viz: J W Butler, Leesburg; E Wilnita, Hardy county; Wm W Maxwell, Wyoming county; Benj F Warcax, of Williamsburg. Twelve Yankee sailors, part of the crew of the steamer Columbia, also arrived on Saturday from Wilmington, N. C. No flag of truce had arrived from the Yankees up to yesterday. On Wednesday 1,500 Abolitionists are expected here from the Southwest. Included in the number are 300 commissioned officers and two Brigadier Generals.

Twelve Aboliton prisoners of war, from the West, were brought to Richmond on the 26th instant. They sailed from Chattanooga, but were captured singly, on in pairs, in various places near Gen. Bragg’s army. The 1,400 Yankees now domiciled here at the cost of the Government, cost over $1.50 per day to support them. They will be sent home the first available opportunity.

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